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CAS Baby for sale?

CPS "Equal Justice?"

CFSM - Citizens for Social Morality


An Expose on the Current State of Protection Personified:

As a pretext to the following content, I’d like the reader to consider this expose” merely as an extrapolation of how we perceive the “current” protection climate. Therefore and in the CFSM’s desire to redirect “real & actualabuse back into the forefront, I must or will respectfully refrain from probing cites, legal opinion and more specifically, “state” required submissions to the AFCARS data base and for obvious reasons. MORE...

Operation ETA-End the Abuse, “real” & “business”

Now where did this “idea” come from, and, what are we intent on doing with it? Only I wish, the answers came that easy. Yet, in having said that, we’ll for now anyway, at least make an attempt in providing you some insight. Show the entire world community, a short glimpse, a quick little snapshot of the, “our” concept, the “operational platform”, and of a few, of many “systemic” alternatives. Now as to this “idea”, platform, the plan or whatever one chooses to call it. MORE...

TO: Federal Government/TANF Reauthorization

I am the founder and director of the CFSM, “Citizens for Social Morality.” We are an advocacy group, which deals with child abuse and in that grey area, commonly referred to as, “child protection”. Currently, we are taking issue with Canada’s historically deplorable, child protection “business” and thus, have launched Phase III of a “four” phased platform, I designed some “three” years ago when a provincial government of Ontario agency, known as the CAS, decided to apprehend/kidnap my two US born children from my ex-wife, who now resides back in Canada. MORE...