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A Mission Perspective on Child and Family Rights in Canada

• The fostering of public awareness and within the context of and in respect to, the inherent complexities of coupling a “social” obligation to curb child abuse, with a “moral” necessity to protect the innocent.

• To lobby provincial government, into reformation of the CFSA, or as in a best case scenario. Repeal the act and draft legislation which truly expresses a platform of proper respect and admiration for child and family values. As opposed to, the continued misappropriation of a CAS agenda, which interpolates their “special/business interests” with child protection and by cover of law. MORE...

Standing Senate Committee on Human Rights

Before I/we, get into the specific relevance of this report, I must be openly honest, in that I did not read the entire document. But let me qualify this remark in saying, that I have become rather astute, at recognizing keywords in my readings and can probably offer a well founded opinion, based on my “overall” viewing of this report. Having said that, I was first apprised of a certain proposed “kids-rights monitor” via an E-mail from Dr. Sicheri. MORE...