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CFSM - Citizens for Social Morality

If you have been the victim of the child welfare system, we are here to help. But in order for CFSM to provide you with this assistance, you need to fill out an online contact, via email, and explain your situation to us. We will investigate your case, and if you are being exploited, we will organize an international, grass roots campaign to get your children back.

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That, in or by filling out an online contact, and by way of an email, you are providing us, CFSM your valued opinion. That said, and based upon your request, "we" shall or will post this information, as Opinion Feedback, and up onto our Bulletin Board. Or, please feel free to contact us by either, phone, or fax.

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For your convenience, you can either send an email, to CFSMDirectorETA@gmail.com, or in direct correspondence, and by mail, phone or fax, as provided below. FYI, if you would like us to post your opinion/communication to our Bulletin Board, “please let us know”, as we would be more than happy in doing so, unless otherwise specified. As all material content will be reviewed by the CFSM director and prior to any publication.

17135 Forest Eastpointe, MI 48021 / PH&FAX (586) 445-1695

Founder & Director, USA Co-Founder, Canadian Chapter
W. David Dunkelberger D.A. Sicheri, MD FRCPC

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