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A Mission Perspective on Child and Family Rights in Canada

• The fostering of public awareness and within the context of and in respect to, the inherent complexities of coupling a “social” obligation to curb child abuse, with a “moral” necessity to protect the innocent.

• To lobby provincial government, into reformation of the CFSA, or as in a best case scenario. Repeal the act and draft legislation which truly expresses a platform of proper respect and admiration for child and family values. As opposed to, the continued misappropriation of a CAS agenda, which interpolates their “special/business interests” with child protection and by cover of law. For in practical application, the current act fails miserably, in addressing child abuse. And having said that, then what was the ultimate goal of the act? Or was it merely a venue, for the creation of the CAS business model? As we suggest, once you’ve taken a moral inventory of this act, you can envision, but one broadly painted picture. And its not a mosaic of safe and happy children at play, but more over, a subscription into the minds of evil intent. Fair, compassionate, rule of law, “right of life, liberty, security of person”? Child protection? Family rights? Not at all. As you will not discover any of these validations of humanitarian provisos here. Not in this act, and we submit, certainly not in any family court in the land. So going forward and having offered these opinions and while in ultimate consideration of the “overall picture of child protection”, we shall endeavor to provide the international community, with all pertinent, necessary information and in terms of forcing Canadian compliance and with those treaties and convention’s obligations, of which Canada is a signatory.

• In educating families, as to the misconceptions of CPS investigative technique, whereby and in order to point out, the/a legitimate right, in refusing an intrusion into ones parental domain or if you will, by the “initial” or “first contact” involvement of an intake worker and with respect to an area of, an individuals right to personal and privacy protections. Otherwise, any unlawful assertions, which violate these “rights” and for that matter, conflict with the rights of “any individual” and not necessarily that of a citizen, must be seen as, egregious. Or and as to proper application of “search and seizure”. Wherein, such violations of law or Charter, shall not be so misconstrued as to intent, so as to be interpreted merely, as some open invitation for an abuse of power and authority. Nor as in any pretext, for an unwarranted “police” or CAS/CPS intervention.

• While and therefore, to assist families with children in the care and custody of any CPS, in a best effort to ascertain, a/the necessity for assistance, or rather an within the context of any determination, as to whether an intervene, is in fact warranted. Assuming first, the merits of the case and secondly, that indeed the ‘cause of action’ was unsubstantiated and with respect to both, probable and reasonable application and as guided by the ‘rule of law’.

• To elevate and in accordance with, systemic “flaws” in child protection, “fairness” and “transparency”, to the pinnacle benchmark accorded under the “right to life, liberty and security’‘’‘’‘ and with cognizant respect for ones rights. That in and by a “citizens” ultimate rights and responsibility, in confronting unfair rule and unjust laws’, that s/he shall take any and all appropriate actions, wherever necessary and as accorded them, under the rule of law. •While, bringing an end to, this “secreted” world of child protection and as such, pry open the family court to public scrutiny.

• Demand accountability, from “all” professionals and including, but not limited to, social workers through the College of Social Work.
For and as a desirable goal, we shall attempt to broaden the scope and platform of child abuse awareness, reverse this unilateral tendency, for “protection by proxy” and ultimately, apply a realistic approach to the root cause of abuse and its contributing factors. That in the area of childs rights, we shall seek to alleviate this notion, which views the child(ren) as a separate entity. While bearing in mind, that since the beginning of time, the “family” has been the societal backbone of humanity. So and within this guidance, it is of utter necessity, to seek a more common ground and one which is in keeping, with a reasonably objective and “equitable” division of “child” and “family” rights.

To ultimately bring together and under one banner, all child advocacy groups, here in Ontario, throughout Canada proper and as well, worldwide..................



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